DANIEL O’NEIL and daughters Maureen, Virginia and Mary, father of famed Easter Paraders, get stork news by phone------
It’s a boy!
Sunday Advertiser, Frank Mahoney
 We love our brother Danny and our fabulous sister-in-law, Kathy!
“THE FAMOUS O’NEIL FAMILY.  This healthy happy New England family hails from Jamaica Plain. They join their favorite grocery -Stop & Shop- in opening the most modern Food Distribution Center in New England. The O’Neils are wearing coonskin caps to show like Stop & Shop’s pioneering spirit.”
Danny gets the first taste.
Danny meets his big brother, Larry.
Everyone was home for Mama and Dad’s 
25th Wedding Anniversary!
 Dad made sure Danny, and all, were Red Sox fans with trips to Fenway Park.
Danny and Danielle checking out the Stop & Shop cheese
Dan now watches the Red Sox at Spring Training in Florida

Visiting with a few more nephews,
Johnny Deery, Dano, Willy O’Neil
Patrick Deery and Hugh Deery
Phil, Danny, Mary June and Kathy, Florida 2006
Danny with most of his sisters, and nephew, Mark McGreal, who adores his Uncle Dan.
Dan fishing with his nephew, Johnny Deery.