April 14, 1944

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Easter Lineup:  For Easter 1946 (below) as for Easter 1945 (top), the O’Neil girls show their holiday finery to Msgr. Francis A. Burke of the Blessed Sacrament Church in Boston. This year Jane13, Barbara 12, Diane, 10, Maureen 8, Evelyn 6, Virginia 5, and Mary 2, welcome 15 month-old Julie to their ranks. Their mother, wife of Daniel O’Neil, insurance salesman, makes all her daughters’ clothes. The 1945 costumes were a tribute to an uncle lost on an LST off Italy.

                                                                                                 Newsweek April 22, 1946


Eight pretty daughters, born one after another to a single family represent a 255-to 1 shot in the probabilities of eight-children families. While the chances for a ninth child being a boy are established at 50-50, the odds on an all-gire family of nine work out to be 511 to 1.                                        LIFE SCIENCE LIBRARY MATHEMATICS, p.145

Ironically, this picture published  in the Milwaukee Sentinel, April 23, 1946 and sent to us at that time.  Mary June, moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1966.