Mighty proud and happy were the O’Neil sisters, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Neil of Jamaica Plain as they participated in the Easter Sunday fashion parade along the Commonwealth Ave. mall. Left to right, Jane, Barbara, Diane, Maureen, Evelyn and Virginia. Their bright colored garments had a kaleidoscope effect in scenery Each one’s costume was a duplicate of the other.

April 10, 1944


MRS. O’NEIL’S CHICKS were among the proudest--and cutest--girls in yesterday’s Easter Parade. Left to right, Mrs. O’Neil of 25 Horan way, Jamaica Plain, and her daughters Virginia, Evelyn, Maureen, Diane, Barbara and Jane.


Cynosure of all eyes in the Easter parade along Commonwealth Ave., was the ONeil family of Jamaica Plain, including Mr. Daniel O’Neil (in rear) wearing felt hat, daughters Jane 12, Barbara, 11, Diane 9, Maureen 7, Evelyn 5, Virginia and Mary 12 months.

     Seven girls and “Yes, Mrs. O’Neil says,  they have a boy” says Mrs. O’Neil, Larry, age 14 in back of the sisters.

April 1946

Milwaukee Sentinel

Proudest marchers in the Boston, Mass., Easter parade were Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Neil and their eight daughters who range in age from 13 years to 15 months. The eight little O’Neils were dressed in brand new Easter suits and bonnets And the present clothes shortage didn’t bother Mrs. O’Neil--she made all the outfits herself.

March 29, 1948


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Neil, left, of Jamaica Plain, and their 10 children, as they appeared yesterday in the Easter Parade, right to left, Danielle 1, Julie 3, Mary 4 Virginia 5 Evelyn 8, Maureen 10, Diane 12, Barbara 14, Jane 14, Lawrence 21.



Frank Mahoney

The O’Neil Family of Jamaica Plain, 11 strong, in Commonwealth Mall Parade.

In matching aqua hats and bonnets, trimed with black braid and identical coats, eight O’Neil, Jamaica Plain, drew attention of hundreds as they marched along Commonwealth Ave. mall in traditional after-church Easter sunday fashion. Mars. O’Neil is at left with Mr. O’Neil behind girls Brother, Lawrence paraded also, right of mother. There is also a three weeks old girl at home.

April 18, 1949


The famous O’Neil family of Wyman St. Jamaica Plain, familiar sights in the Easter Sunday, fashion parade along Commonwealth Ave. Mall. L. to r., Jane 16, Barbara 14, Diane 13, Maureen, 11, Evelyn 9, Virginia, Mary 6, Julie 4, and Danielle 2, with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Neil. Mrs. O’Neil spent many hours fashioning the garments for the children, who drew much attention. (Louis Teton)

April 10, 1950


THE 10 O’NEIL girls and their parents, Mr. and Mrs Daniel O’Neil pay respects to Msgr. Francis A. Burke at Blessed Sacrament Church, Jamaica Plain. Left to right are Jane 17, Barbara 16, Diane  14, Maureen 12, Evelyn 10, Virginia 7, Mary 6, Julie 5, Danielle 3 and Celeste 1, held by mother. The only and eldest O’Neil son, Larry,  is in Germany with the United States Army.



TEN DIVIDENDS-On Commonwealth Ave. in Boston yesterday the Daniel O’Neils of Jamaica Plain, Mass, escorted their 10 pretty daughters in their own private Easter parade. they are from left to right, Mrs. O’Neil , Frances 2, Danielle 4, Julie 6, Mary 7, Evelyn 11, Maureen 13, Diane 15, Barbara 17, and Jane 18. Mrs. O’Neil and daughters wore mint green pyramid coats and yellow straw hats trimmed with yellow flowers. In the left center behind his  family is Mr. O’Neil wearing a grey hat and a boutonniere. The girls have a brother, Lawrence, who is serving in Italy with the U. S. Army.



     Cardinal Spellman greeting Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Neil and their ten daughters in the Cardinal’s residence after mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral yesterday. Singer Jessica Dragonette (right) accompanied the family on the visit. The girls are, left to right, front row: Frances, three; Danielle, five; Julie, seven; Mary, eight, and Virginia, nine. Back row: Evelyn, twelve: Maureen, fourteen; Diane, sixteen; Barbara, eighteen, and Jane, nineteen.  The O’Neils live in Jamaica Plain, Mass. and came to New York for the Easter Parade for the first time this year.

APRIL 14, 1953

     A rainy Easter Sunday doesn’t bother Frances, youngest daughter of the ten O’Neil sisters, as she takes a glance at the newspaper while on the stroll down Commonwealth Avenue.

APRIL 14, 1953

APRIL 19, 1954

    It looked like a junior-size dress factory at 24 Wyman Street, Jamaica Plain, five weeks ago when Mrs. Daniel J.  O’Neil set to work making ten complete Easter outfits for the children, plus a topper for herself.

Young Danny boy, age 2, is marching in his first Easter Parade in a navy blue suit, made by Mrs. O’Neil, clutches his teddy bear.



    Among the throngs parading on Commonwealth Ave. mall was the O’Neil family of Jamaica Plain.



    Strolling down Commonwealth Ave. mall in new Easter clothes are nine daughters and two sons, Danny, the youngest and Lawrence, the eldest, an army sergeant, children of Mrs. and Mrs. Daniel O’Neil of Jamaica Plain.

         The Boston Herald Monday April 4, 1983

Thirty years ago this Easter, the famous O’Neil girls, (top right), covered their heads with newspapers when caught in a shower. Yesterday, they paraded again.

Family Dream

by Julie O’Neil

Like a row of crocuses splitting open the frozen

ground to mark the end of winter’s leathery earth

Sun glistened buds lift their heads in a brilliant

display of yellow and purple.

They greet the heavens like a mountain range

touches the sun to celebrate the moment.

The young women march!

With lace blouses and white gloved hands they stroll

down the Easter path in patent leather steps

Striking the crowds with splashes of fabric designed

to imitate season’s transformation.

Counting one to ten in a familiar diagonal line,

heights range from oldest to youngest.

The young women march!

Pillars on either side bolster the line, the sons

stand aside. The rewards of winter’s work like bulbs

planted in autumn bring forth blooms in spring.

A mother’s heart bent over the sewing machine,

embroidering love in each seam - twenty hands

working in unison with needles and thread.

A father’s nurturing vision clears the space and

time to turn their dreams to shine for this one day.

The joy of their vision parades down the lane.

A family affair for all to share. One for all, all for one,

these inseparable twins.

The young women march!